About Us

You love your locally owned pharmacy.

They take the time to get to know you, understand your health concerns, and help you become the healthiest version of you – not to mention, it's wonderful to be able to stop by or give them a quick call about an existing health concern when your doctor isn't immediately available.

But independent pharmacies around our state (and country) are going out of business.

People, especially rural Montanans, are being all but forced to fill their prescriptions online or at big box stores where the pharmacists are time-pressured and unable to adequately help them on their health journeys.

In 2014, our founder, Mike Matovich, realized if he didn't do something to collaborate with other independently-owned pharmacies around the state, they would all end up out of business and their customers would suffer the consequences.

So, he and five other pharmacy business owners came together and decided to form a group to help them negotiate better product pricing, improve their insurance reimbursements, and more effectively run and market their businesses.

It was then that Montana Family Pharmacies was born.

Since then, Montana Family Pharmacies has worked tirelessly to help some of its Members avoid closure, others compete more effectively with the chains in their towns, and, ultimately, positively impact the communities and improve the health of the patients our Members serve. 

Our Member pharmacies strive to take the best care of you by taking the time to get to know you, your health, and the best ways to manage your medications.

We don't just take care of your prescription, we take care of you and your medications, all while helping you navigate what's best for you, your insurance, and your pocketbook.

Transfer your prescriptions to a pharmacy that actually cares – click here to find a Montana Family Pharmacies Member near you!

Montana Family Pharmacies – Local Pharmacies That Take the Time to Take Care of You!