Our Staff

mike_matovich_montana_family_pharmaciesMike Matovich, RPh

Founder & President

Mike owns and operates multiple independent pharmacies in Montana. In 2014, he realized if he didn't do something to collaborate with other independently-owned pharmacies, they would all end up out of business and the patients in their small communities would suffer the consequences. It was then that Montana Family Pharmacies was born. Since then, Mike has worked tirelessly to help our Members – and their patients and communities – survive and thrive. His wife, Becky, supports him behind the scenes to help create the change that's needed in our industry.




Trevor Daer

Executive Vice President

With extensive experience in management and sales in the medical and prescription benefits world, Trevor is helping build MFP’s disease state management programs, connecting Members to affordable medical benefits and HR support, talking with and onboarding new Members, and wrangling Mike and the rest of the MFP crew on a daily basis.





Marissa Hauge

Office Director

The newest addition to our team, Marissa was formerly Stillwater County’s Economic Development Coordinator where she was instrumental in fostering economic growth in our area. Her wide experience in that role will help her serve our Members well, including developing processes to best support our Members, negotiating and maintaing contracts, and helping with marketing. Marissa is currently employed part-time by MFP and part-time by Matovich Enterprises, supporting Mike at his grocery store and pharmacies in other ways as well.  




Twyla Bailey

Member Support Director

An absolute shark when it comes to pharmacy operations, Twyla helps Members with their day-to-day
operating and ordering challenges. Twyla also developed a revolutionary system within PioneerRx for ordering from multiple wholesalers, which is helping save our Members tens of thousands of dollars per year.





Michelle Madden

Member Support

Michelle has worked as a Pharmacy Technician for Mike at Stillwater Family Pharmacy for over three years and recently started assisting Twyla with Member Support on a part-time basis, ensuring we maintain our high standard of service as our group continues to grow.






kristi_monson_montana_family_pharmaciesKristi Monson, PharmD, BCACP

Clinical Program Director

Kristi has worked with Mike as a Pharmacist in various capacities for years and has been instrumental in MFP contract reviews and negotations – her attention to detail and English degree coming in very handy! Her main role at MFP these days is heading up developing, implementing, and supporting our Members with our clinical and disease state management programs, as well as doing a heck of a lot of pricing, rebate, and data analysis.




Jessica Burch

Marketing Director

With a wide background in marketing, advertising, web development, and graphic design, Jessica is developing and implementing marketing strategies for both MFP and Members through various digital and traditional marketing avenues.






josh_fisher_pharmacist_montana_family_pharmaciesJosh Fisher, PharmD, MBA

Consulting Pharmacist

Although not employed by MFP, Josh has worked behind the scenes for years supporting the MFP vision by being involved in contract negotiations and other groundfloor decisions. He expertly manages four pharmacies and is working with Jessica to develop and test various in-store and online marketing tactics and strategies.