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"I saved over $120,000 in Cost of Goods in the first 10 months of being a Member. You’d have to be crazy not to join Montana Family Pharmacies!” - Jarrod Willems, Pharmacy 1 in Billings, Montana

Serving More Than 50 Independent Pharmacies in Montana & Beyond

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Awesome Cost of Goods Pricing

Get cost of goods pricing on par with what chains get – and save even more by buying generics where they're most affordable, since our contracts don't have Generic Compliance Ratios (GCRs)!

Get First-in-Class Business Support

Our Central Office experts act as an extension of your pharmacy team, providing you support with everything from software and ordering to audits and vendor management.

Transparent, No-Risk Contracts

Founded by an independent pharmacist who was tired of deceptive contracts, we're 100% transparent about the fees we receive – and, if you don't love being a Member, you can opt out at any time!

"In addition to helping independent pharmacies save money, we’re also helping patients save money. In six months, our Member pharmacies have saved patients tens of thousands of dollars by helping them with manufacture copay assistance and reducing supply costs through the Hometown Care Programs.” - Mike Matovich, Founder & President of Montana Family Pharmacies

How to Become a Member

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Click on "Learn How to Become a Member” below to contact us. We'll help you get the application process started.

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We’ll help you transition your pharmacy operations to our wholesaler(s) and the PSAO best suited to your needs.


Grow Your Business

When you partner with MFP, your business will grow – and you’ll finally get some relief!

Why Become a Montana Family Pharmacies Member?

When you started or bought your pharmacy, you dreamed of owning a thriving business.

But rising costs, lowered reimbursements, and powerful, deep-pocketed chain marketing campaigns have made it nearly impossible for you to survive, let alone thrive.

I know how hard it is to run a pharmacy in today’s environment, as I’ve owned and operated multiple independent pharmacies for 14 years.

In 2014, I realized that if my pharmacies were going to survive – and if my fellow independent Montana pharmacies were going to as well – we needed to band together to give us more buying power and leverage in contract negotiations.

It was then that Montana Family Pharmacies was born.

Since then, over 60 pharmacies in Montana – and beyond – have joined our group and we’ve all been better for it.

Montana Family Pharmacies has helped some pharmacies avoid closure, while others have gained an edge on chains, and we’ve all grown our businesses.

And it’s just the beginning.

Our mission is to help every Montana independent pharmacy survive and thrive.

Apply to become a Member today! We look forward to serving you.

Stop Helping Wholesalers Get Rich While You Flounder

Become a Montana Family Pharmacies Member to you save your money, time, and sanity!